How Our Health Crisis Should Change the Way You View HMO

The pandemic has changed us in more ways than one. The sudden occurrence of this health crisis has caused the Filipinos to see what matters most, what aspects of their life need protection, and where their security should lie. 

In light of this, here are some things that we need to start considering. 

          1. Health needs come without warning.

No one saw the pandemic coming. 

If we are even being honest with ourselves, when we heard the initial news of the virus from Wuhan, we didn’t expect it to affect millions across the world at this scale. This global health crisis has shown us that we need to prepare for whatever may come. We must be proactive in securing our health against uncertainties like viruses, diseases, accidents or other illnesses. 

Having an HMO is your safety net for these unforeseen emergencies. With an HMO membership, you can guarantee the best treatment and access to the best doctors at an affordable rate. 

          2. Prevent medical conditions through regular checkups.

The pandemic has shown us that those with pre existing conditions are more at risk of getting worse complications. Now that we know the gravity of conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, we must nip this in the bud! Don’t skip your regular checkup with your doctors so that you can continue to maintain your good health and prevent diseases and medical conditions that may arise. 

Today, telemedicine has made it easier for us to reach our doctors. We can undergo our regular checkups from the comfort of our home! And with your HMO by your side, you do not have to worry about financing your next visit to the doctor or the multitude of tests they would require. As long as they are covered by your provider, your bill can be subsidized, if not paid for completely (depending on your healthcare plan).

          3. You must have ready access to tests and screenings.

Monitoring your body is no simple matter, yet it is a necessary one. We have seen the great necessity of knowing the illnesses in our body through various tests during this pandemic. And while avoiding exposure in hospitals has led some doctors to recommend postponing certain tests, we must be ready for scenarios when an urgent and pressing diagnostic screening is absolutely necessary.

An HMO membership makes these necessary tests easy on the wallet. There is no need to fear a huge diagnostic bill when your health care provider’s got you covered. By paying your regular rate, you can cover the tests that your doctor deems necessary so that you can keep your body in check.

          4. Be covered anywhere.

The pandemic has extremely hit our healthcare sector. We have seen a shortage of hospital beds and the inability of various hospitals to care for the sick due to the sheer number of the infected. This has caused many to find room in hospitals in a different city or even in a different province. The need for wide healthcare coverage has become imminent. 

That is why an HMO coverage that spans various hospitals is something you should start considering. Look for healthcare providers that have affiliations with more hospitals so that when an emergency strikes, you won’t have to worry about a huge bill in whatever hospital is available to you.

          5. Get access to as much doctors as you can.

We need our doctors. The pandemic proves that their experience and expertise make all the difference. From diagnosis to treatment and even through recovery, our health rests in their hands. 

An HMO membership can recommend the best doctors for your case and provide ready access to them at a price that you can afford. 

          6. The best outcomes come from better options.

Better treatment options can bring better results and better recovery for any patient. During the pandemic, we have witnessed that those who had access to the scarce ventilators, oxygen tanks, or even the limited hospital beds, had a better chance at battling the virus. This just goes to show that when it comes to your health, you can’t afford to limit your options.

Being covered by your HMO means that you can access more treatment options, more medical machines, more tests, and more doctors because all of these are made more affordable for you. With all of these treatment options, doctors, or tests, you can find a better prognosis for whatever emergencies you may face.

The pandemic has reemphasized the need to prioritize our health and take care of our bodies. What better way to prepare for emergencies, get affordable tests, subsidize treatments, reach more doctors, and get treated at more hospitals than an HMO plan? It’s time to start looking at HMO for what it truly is, an investment in yourself. Secure YOUR healthy horizon with Eastwest Healthcare.