About Us

Eastwest Healthcare is currently one of the leading healthcare benefits companies dedicated to improving the lives of Filipinos. For almost 20 years, EASTWEST HEALTHCARE remained committed to removing barriers to access healthcare for all to drive better health outcomes. We do this by linking our nationwide network of providers and developing strategic partnerships that enable us to address the diverse health needs of our growing clientele. 

With our wealth of experience in both local and international healthcare management and a network of committed and empowered caregivers servicing more than 130,000+ cardholders nationwide, we are able to harness practical solutions, produce better healthcare results and secure a healthy horizon for Filipinos, one patient at a time. 

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130,000 + | Card Holders / Members

Professionally managing programs since 2002

Why Clients Choose Us

EastWest Healthcare exhibits the following VALUE PROPOSITIONS. These are also the basic reasons why hundreds of our corporate clients and thousands of our members continue to trust us in managing their healthcare needs.


Our competence includes decades of experience in employee benefit design and healthcare management from both local and international HMOs and health plan brokerage firms.


Our numbers and history assure our clients and communities of our ability to fulfill all commitments in delivering quality and affordable care

Peace of Mind

We maintain a solid relationship with all our medical partners providing “peace of mind” to our clients that quality care can be accessed wherever and whenever they need it.

Freedom of Choice

We are fully committed in empowering Filipinos to make personal health decisions by expanding access to care. No other healthcard in the market right now offers this much convenience!

Comprehensive Coverage

With Eastwest Healthcare’s comprehensive benefits and unmatched flexibility, you get the most out of your healthcare plans!

EastWest Healthcare Products


A premier comprehensive and fully customizable healthcare program designed for companies with diverse medical needs. The plan combines the strength of Medical Insurance Plans (reimbursement type) and HMO programs (No-Cash Outlay) in one. By far the most expansive and flexible yet cost-effective way of providing health coverage to a valued workforce.


A full-care program designed for growing companies (SMEs). With just a minimum enrollment of 5 regular employees, members can enjoy full healthcare coverage and the convenience of an expansive nationwide medical network. All plan options are inclusive of APE, dental care and financial assistance benefit.


A superior group healthcare plan that provides complete coverage in case of outpatient medical emergencies with daily cash allowance during confinements. The plan also includes accident insurance and optional riders that can be added to better suit your group’s healthcare needs.


Exclusively designed to provide personal and family protection from health and financial loss brought about by rising medical costs. Th plan offers coverage for outpatient, inpatient and emergency care coupled with hospital assistance benefit and life insurance. The plan also includes an optional dental care benefit and APE.

EastWest Healthcare Offer

EastWest Healthcare Medical Updates

Your health is important to us. At Eastwest Healthcare, we believe our clients should be as informed about their health as possible. That’s why we’ve created a series of health-related blogs and articles dedicated to keeping them informed about what’s happening in the world of medicine.

This section provides insight into the latest advancements in treatment options, disease prevention and management, and everything related to your health. By providing this information, we aim to help our clients make better decisions about their health and the health of their loved ones.