Why Choose EastWest Healthcare

EastWest Healthcare chooses to provide uncompromising protection and quality of care. We are one of the leading providers of health insurance, private hospitalization, and wellness services in the Philippines.

Our dedicated committed and empowered caregivers service more than 130,000 cardholders nationwide. With our wealth of experience in local and international healthcare management, together with a network of committed physicians, we are able to harness practical solutions, and produce better healthcare results—securing a healthy horizon for Filipinos.

Our comprehensive products:

  • Flexi-Health: Flexi-Health is a cost-effective way of providing health coverage to your valued workforce. This flexible program can be customized to meet a company’s diverse medical needs, including prescription drug coverage, doctor visits, and hospitalization. 

Flexi-Health HMO provides no-cash outlay plans with very low monthly premiums; medical reimbursement plans offer flexibility in the amounts an employer pays directly for healthcare services on behalf of their employees and helps employees monitor their own spending while helping employers control costs.

  • Royal Health Advantage: Your growing business needs a healthcare program that grows with you. Royal Health Advantage is our preferred full-care medical plan designed for small and medium companies (SMEs).

With just a minimum enrollment of 5 regular employees, you and your team can enjoy full healthcare coverage, and 24/7 access to world-class hospitals, doctors, and primary care centers nationwide. All plan options include APE and financial assistance benefits.

  • MedAssist: MedAssist is an affordable and complete group health plan that provides better coverage for your employees. With daily cash allowance during confinements, accident insurance, and optional riders that can be added to suit your particular needs, this is a superior product worth considering.
  • Infinity Health Advantage: With Infinity Health Advantage for your family and yourself, you can have peace of mind knowing that your health coverage is there when you need it most – from major illnesses to unexpected accidents.

It also gives you financial relief with a wide range of services like outpatient, inpatient, and emergency care coverage, as well as dental care benefits and life insurance. All this at an affordable premium!

How EastWest goes through the extra mile for their members

Navigating the world of healthcare can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to seeking medical attention for serious conditions. That’s where Eastwest Healthcare comes in, providing expert advice and unique features that allow members to access the best medical options available to them.

Here’s a successful client story:

An employee required a major heart operation, but the company’s HMO benefit fell short of covering the necessary costs. The maximum benefit limit was Php200K, while the projected hospital and doctor’s expenses were estimated at Php550K.

To address this, they sought advice from Eastwest Healthcare and coordinated with the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to manage the costs and maximize their HMO benefits.

The EastWest product’s unique built-in feature allowed members to access non-accredited facilities without sacrificing the quality of care. By being confined in a government facility, the employee increased their chances of seeking help from government and non-government institutions, such as the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, which granted them an additional Php200K for the operation.

Adding the Philhealth benefits, the member’s out-of-pocket expenses were only around Php45K. Despite the financial constraints, the employee had a successful operation and is still an active member. This case highlights the importance of having a comprehensive and flexible healthcare plan that can adapt to the varying needs and circumstances of its members.

How EastWest goes through the extra mile for their members

  • Unlike other HMOs, EastWest allows its members to access preferred hospitals and doctors even when it is not an emergency case.
  • With other HMO products, the member would have been confined to a private hospital, which would have cost twice or even thrice the amount.
  • Lastly, EastWest’s “Managed Care” philosophy ensures that members are given the freedom to choose the best medical options available to them.

This approach allows members to maximize their HMO benefits without sacrificing the quality of care they receive. They are also empowered to take control of their health and are given the peace of mind that they are receiving the best possible care.

In conclusion, EastWest Healthcare places a high value on its members’ satisfaction and constantly strives to meet their evolving needs and lifestyle. Our commitment to providing world-class customer service and high-quality healthcare in a safe, organized, and cost-effective manner remains steadfast. We pride ourselves on continuously introducing innovative services that cater to our members’ unique healthcare needs.

As a healthcare provider, EastWest is dedicated to bringing the best healthcare services to Filipinos, as we have done since its inception.

For more information on your healthcare options for you and your family, please contact EastWest Healthcare today.